Winners Get In The Ring BA06 – 10th October 2018

Active Asset Allocation is an investment solution designer providing institutional investors, pension funds and asset managers with state-of-the-art asset allocation techniques based on risk management. By actively managing downside risk, Active Asset Allocation puts into practice a responsible approach to preserve the financial resources managed over the long term. It also provides them with an additional, unexploited source of alpha. DrawDown Control: Using assets of their choice, our solution enables investors to maximise performance while limiting the maximum drawdown to their pre-defined level. Lifestyle Strategies: Our unique model makes retirement savings a risk-controlled investment. It helps members to progressively lock-in their capital gains with a downside risk protection. The asset allocation is no more deterministic. Funding Ratio Control: Our solution helps pension funds achieve full funding as quickly as possible. It locks-in the funding ratio progresses, and minimizes the sponsor’s required contributions. Digital Platform: We chose to work hand in hand with banking groups and insurers to allow financial advisors to get a leg up dealing with increasingly changing and important requests by their French investors.

Adina Grigoriu

MYCOPHYTO biological have innovations for plant health. Our concept is based on the growth and management of natural biodiversity. We focus on plant-microbes interaction with mycorrhizae. This natural synergy maximize by us, increases the natural biodiversity of the soil, and produces plants in good health and quality. Our concept is based on 30 years of research in Europe and is supporting by 3 patents pending for January 2019. The aim of MYCOPHYTO is to help farmers and firms to increase the quality of their plant-derived products and to allow them to be eligible for organic labels for higher-value products.

Justine Lipuma

SweetHome – is a platform for a remote property supervision during construction works as well as the maintenance period. SweetHome is dedicated for private projects (apartments, villas etc). Our clients are homeowners, architects, and real estate brokers. The platform allows users to work in cooperation on construction documents (floorplans, design, photos, and visualization) and on the project schedule and budget.

Mikhail Suchkov

Winners Get In The Ring BA06 – 4th October 2017

Eventiko GITR BA06

MeetLab SAS creates and sells e-commerce products and services, dedicated to the organization of meetings and seminars for companies. The first service developed by MeetLab SAS is EVENTIKO, the 1st European e-commerce website, offering an online catalog with meetings & seminars, which are « ready to use ». Those meetings & seminars are created to be booked and bought online, by companies who organize their events themselves.

Anne-Marie Randriamanandraitsiory

ExactCure create your Digital Twin, a personalized numerical version of yourself that we project in a mobile / web application. Play with your Twin, tune your ideal treatment, and follow the action of a drug in your body in real time, as easily as you track your running session.

Fabien Astic

Winners Get In The Ring France – 26th January 2017

HelperChoice’s mission is to help migrant domestic workers access the job market with fair conditions; and to have employers find easily and quickly the right candidate for them. We have a proven business model, a strong potential and a recognised social impact. Our objective is not only to build a profitable membership based service, but also a community of millions of migrant workers, all having similar needs (remittance, communications,…), creating very sizeable business opportunities.

Florian Garivier

Rugbycentric develops Player+ and Coach+ , two web applications designed respectively for rugby players and rugby coaches. Player+ turns rugby training interactive with points, badges, levels and evolving avatars. Players can create and share workouts, plan training schedules, track their progress, monitor their wellbeing whilst also following and challenging their friends and teammates. For the most committed players, rugbycentric also offers bespoke in-season and pre-season online S & C ‘camps’ where players get all the guidance and programming of an elite rugby set up, remotely managed by S & C coaches.

Guillaume Bourda